Encased SRII / SRII “Place of worship” Radiant plaque heaters

Solution particularly suited to heating “Places of worship”

Technical specifications and dimensions identical to encased radiant plaque heaters SRII/SRII


  • Overall or partial heating according to occupied areas
  • Silent running
  • 25% energy savings compared with Hot Air solutions
  • Simple to use
  • Very fast warm up (less than 2 minutes)
  • The encased version fits in perfectly with its surroundings

Technical details


  • Radiant panel specially designed for silent running
  • Heating solution for places of worship such as churches, basilicas, cathedrals, etc.
  • Flame control and automatic lighting system
  • Limited maintenance
  • Easy to use
  • The encased version blends in perfectly with the environment
  • Long lifetime through simple and robust design
  • Very fast warm-up, in less than 2 minutes

Top and bottom ventilation must be provided to ensure air renewal essential in this type of ERP (Regulations CH 53, GZ 21, art. 64.1 of the RSD = French Departmental sanitary regulations)

New air dimensioning rules:

  • 10 m3/h per kW HHV installed
  • add 18 m3/h per person in ERP


Churches | Basilica | Cathedrals



  • Église d’Halluin - (France)
  • Église de Bislée - (France)
  • Église de Cysoing - (France)
  • Église de Lardy - (France)
  • Église de Locminé - (France)
  • Église de Montmagny - (France)
  • Église de Ploemeur - (France)
  • Église de Pont de l’Arche - (France)
  • Église de Vouillé - (France)
  • Église de Xermamenil - (France)

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