Monitoring, adapting and regulating your heating installations to assess their performance

Buildings account for ¼ of CO2 emissions in France and 40% of energy consumption.

The financial and environmental implications of building heating management are therefore substantial.

Monitoring the heating equipment installed in your buildings can quickly save you unnecessary or needless expense.

Since the first time your heating equipment was used, the organization or usage of your building has doubtless seen changes (work station organization, circulation flow management, installation of a new machine, modifications to doors and windows, etc.).

Have you adapted or regulated your heating installation to cope with these changes?

To help you, SOLARONICS Chauffage offers an installation diagnosis service:

  • inspection of equipment
  • combustion analysis
  • detection of any repairs necessary
  • regulation recommendations
  • identification of energy saving sources​

Our technicians are equipped and trained to perform diagnoses on your installations and assess the performance of your heating installations.

The detailed report that you will be given after the audit will be a valuable decision aid.

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